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Resource Lists

Lesson Plans
Options for Instruction
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
Personal Dictionaries
Equipping the Student
Using the Forms
Ongoing Instruction in Various Areas

• Identifying parts of speech
• Multi-meaning words
• Sentence building
• Sentence correcting
Symbols Used in This Manual
Probable Developmental Sequence of Word Learning
Teach Through Direct Instruction

• Three ways to identify syllables
• Six kinds of syllables
• Syllable composition
• Sight words
Unit 1: (Short a words)
Unit 2: (Short e words)
Unit 3: (Short i words)
Unit 4: (Short o words)
Unit 5: (Short u words)
Unit 6: (vccvc & cvccvc words)
Unit 7: (Words ending with -le)
Unit 8: (Long vowel a_e pattern)
Unit 9: (Long vowel ai and ay patterns)
Unit 10: (Long vowel e and ee patterns)
Unit 11: (Words with ea patterns)
Unit 12: (Long vowel i_e pattern)
Unit 13: (Long vowel o, o_e, oa, and oe patterns)
Unit 14: (Long vowel u_e, ui, and ue patterns)
Unit 15: (Words with vowel team oo)
Unit 16: (Words with vowel teams au, aw)
Unit 17: (Words with vowel team ou)
Unit 18: (Words with vowel team ow)
Unit 19: (Words with vowel teams oi, oy)
Unit 20: (Two- and three-syllable words ending with y)
Unit 21: (Words with vcvc and cvcvc patterns)
Unit 22: (Words with ie and ei patterns)
Resource List: (1400+ words)
140 High Frequency Words (Chart and check list)
Beginning Blends and Digraphs (Chart)
Word Families (Short vowels)
Word Families (Long vowels)
Ghastly Ghostly Words (Words containing gh)
Prepositions (Chart)
Contractions (Chart)
Pronouns (Categorized list)
Compound Words and Look Alikes (Chart)
Tab Design for Spelling Notebooks
Curriculum Links
Models for Poetry Writing
Writing Check List
Black Line Masters for Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
Black Line Masters for Forms 1-53

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