Sample Lesson (Seeds)


Daisy's duck dove under water,
Just the way her daddy taught her.

Producing the Sound:

The sound represented by the letter D is considered a voiced alveolar stop consonant. It is produced with the mouth slightly open and the tongue touching the alveolar ridge (those little bumps near the front of the mouth behind the upper teeth). As the tongue flips forward and down, it causes a slight puff of air to be released, resulting in the d sound. One must be very careful to not follow this sound with uh; rather, it should be connected with whatever vowel follows it in the spoken word. Practicing the sound attached to all of the vowels is helpful: da, de, di, do, du (See Climbing the Fence.).

Hunting for the Sound:

Say the following words and have the children repeat them. Help the children determine whether the d sound comes at the beginning, middle, or end of each word.

den middle had
deep hidden said
dive paddle bed
dip poodle read


Which words in today's rhyme begin with the d sound? (Daisy, duck, dove, daddy) Do the names of any children in the classroom include the d sound? If so, make a list of these, underline the letter/s (d, dd) that represent the sound and post the list below the Daisy's duck sound/symbol card.

Climbing the Fence:

Use the Climbing the Fence activity (included in the manual) to blend d into the vowels.



Refer to Teaching the Child to Print on page 125. Use the D d multi-sensory card to help children practice printing upper and lower case forms of the letter. After practicing the letter on texture several times, have the children print with pencil on paper. At this level it isn't necessary to print within guidelines.

Extending Vocabulary:

Discuss the word duck. We usually think of a bird. A baby duck is a duckling and the large birds are ducks.

A duck is a motorized vehicle that can travel on both land and water.

The word duck can be used to describe a movement as when we duck to miss the ball that is coming toward us.

Do the children think the mother duck or the daddy duck would teach the little ducks to dive?

Word Family:

Use the word duck to create a word family. What other words rhyme with duck? (buck, chuck, cluck, luck, muck, puck, pluck, suck, stuck, tuck, truck). Make a list of these and post it under the Daisy's duck sound/symbol card.

Extending Learning: Birds

You may want to develop a short unit on birds. Critical attributes of birds are that they are warm-blooded, they have feathers, and they lay eggs.

Literature Connections:

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey
Jemima Puddleduck by Beatrix Potter
The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson
Ducks by Gail Gibbons
Do Like a Duck Does by Judy Hindley

Kids Writing:

(This is a blank section where teachers can plan for children's writing)

Additional Resources:

(This is a blank section where teachers may add their own resources.)

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