Sample Lesson (Roots)

Lesson 3 (16 words)


In this lesson the children will use the processes of phoneme segmentation and sound blending to write words. Many of the words in this lesson begin either with a vowel sound or with continuants (consonants m, n, l, r which can be prolonged without alteration during one emission of breath). Included with the continuants is the glide h in had and ham. That non-voiced sound needs to be isolated and immediately combined with the vowel to avoid saying 'huh'.

Give each child a sheet of ruled paper and teach the class to fold these into four vertical sections. Model the phoneme segmentation process for the children by slowly pronouncing the two sounds of the word a-m. Have them tell how many sounds they heard. Ask what letters represent those sounds. Have them write the two letters on their papers. Simulate ruled paper with lines on the chalkboard and write each dictated word in the proper grid after the children have attempted to do it on their papers. Have them compare their work to your. Tell them, "Give yourself a pat on the back (or give a silent cheer) if you did this correctly." Continue the process with each word presented.

am I am your teacher.
an I ate an apple.
ad I saw an ad for a new bike.



Sometimes I call my father Dad. (When it is one of his names we use a capital D.)
gad To walk about without a purpose is to gad.
man When a boy grows up, he becomes a man.
mad When people become angry, we say they are mad.
map When you take a trip you may need a map.
lad A lad is a boy.
lap I have a lap only when I sit down.
ham We can make ham sandwiches.
had I had a penny yesterday.
can You can do your work well.
pad You can write on a pad of paper.
cap A cap is a kind of hat.


When I stands all alone, it is always printed with a capital letter. Point to the person you mean when you say, "I."

Note: If any children have difficulty keeping up, seat them at a table at the front of the room and allow them to copy words from the chalkboard. Carefully monitor their progress. Also insist on slow oral pronunciation of words by all students until they internalize the phoneme segmentation process.

Supplementary activity: Provide children with a small eight-page book. On the front cover have each child draw a picture of him/herself and write, "I am (Name)" on the cover. On the second page have each draw a birthday cake and write, "I am 6 (or 7). Collect and save these books for the next lesson.

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