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The Spel-Lang Tree: Roots


There are ten assessments included in The Spel-Lang Tree: Roots. All of these are offered here for teachers to print and try with their students. Each assessment is accompanied by a Portfolio Record Sheet. If the assessment directions are followed carefully, the word arrangement on the child's papers will match exactly the arrangement on the record sheets. Teachers are encouraged to note the child's misspellings on the record sheet and to note the kinds of errors made. These can be helpful in determining deficits in language processing and in learning spelling generalities. Teachers have found that they are excellent tools to use to relay this information during conferences with parents.

It is suggested that teachers start with Assessment 1 and work their way forward. Wherever a child starts making two or three errors is a good place to begin instruction.

Printing the assessments and record sheets from the website may result in pages not being properly aligned. Feel free to cut and paste the record sheets and photocopy them in a way that will be of help to you.

Assessment 1
Assessment 2
Assessment 3
Assessment 4
Assessment 5
Assessment 6
Assessment 7
Assessment 8
Assessment 9
Assessment 10

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