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Alphabet Charts
Sound-Symbol Chart
Teaching the Child to Print
Using the Clock to Print Numerals
Ways to Teach Sight Words
Number Word Wall Charts
Lessons 1-2:
Lessons 3-6: Short a words
Assessment 1
Lessons 7-9:
Short i Words
Lesson 10: Review
Assessment 2
Lessons 11-12:
Short u Words
Lesson 13: Review
Assessment 3
Lessons 14-15:
Short o Words
Lesson 16: Review
Assessment 4
Lessons 17-18:
Short e Words
Lesson 19: Review
Assessment 5
Lesson 20:
Word families act, aft, alp, amp, and, ank,apt
Lesson 21: Word families ask, asp, ast, eft, elf, elk, elp, elt
Lesson 22: Word families end, ent, ept, esk, est
Lesson 23: Word families ift, ilk, ilt, imp, ind, ink, int, isk, isp
Lesson 24: Word families ist, oft, omp, ond, onk, ont, opt, ost, ulf, ulk, ulp, ult, unt
Lesson 25: Word families ump, unk, usk, ust
Assessment 6
Lesson 26:
Word family all. Beginning digraph ch
Lesson 27: Beginning and ending digraph sh
Lesson 28: Ending digraph sh. Beginning and ending digraph th
Lesson 29: Beginning digraph wh
Lesson 30: Ending digraph tch
Assessment 7
Lesson 31:
Beginning blends bl, cl
Lesson 32: Beginning blends cl, fl, gl
Lesson 33: Beginning blends pl, sl, br
Lesson 34: Beginning blends br, cr
Lesson 35: Beginning blends dr, fr, gr
Lesson 36: Beginning blends gr, pr, tr
Assessment 8
Lesson 37:
Beginning blends sc, sk, sm, sn, sp
Lesson 38: Beginning blends sp, st
Lesson 39: Beginning blends and digraphs sw, tw, ch, sh, th, scr
Lesson 40: Beginning blends scr, chr, spl, spr, str, squ, chr, thr, dw
Assessment 9
Lesson 41:
Word families ang, ing
Lesson 42: Word families ong, ung
Lesson 43: Word families elch, ilch, anch, ench, inch, unch
Lesson 44: Word families adge, edge, idge, odge, udge
Assessment 10
Lessons 45-46:
Plural nouns and singular verb forms ending with s
Lessons 47-48: Plural nouns and singular verb forms ending with es
Lessons 49-51: Long a vowel pattern a_e
Lesson 52: Long a vowel pattern ai
Lesson 53: Long a vowel patterns ay, eigh, ei, ey
Lessons 54-55: Long e vowel pattern ee
Lessons 56-58: Long e vowel pattern ea
Lessons 59-61: Long i vowel pattern i_e
Lesson 62: Long i vowel patterns i_e, y
Lessons 63-65: Long o vowel pattern o_e
Lesson 66: Long o vowel pattern oa
Lesson 67: Long o vowel pattern ow
Lesson 68: Long u vowel pattern u_e
Lesson 69: Long vowel patterns ie, oe, ue
Lesson 70: Word families ace, ice, uce
Lesson 71: Vowel pattern ew
Lessons 72-73: Vowel pattern oo long
Lesson 74: Vowel patterns oo short, er
Lesson 75: Vowel pattern ir
Lesson 76: Vowel pattern ur
Lesson 77: Vowel patterns or, ear
Lesson 78: Vowel pattern ar
Lesson 79: Vowel patterns au, aw
Lesson 80: Vowel patterns ou, aw
Lesson 81: Vowel patterns oi, oy
Lesson 82: Two-syllable words ending with y
Words to sort
Suggestions for Written Homework

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