How do you assess progress?


We have included a series of assessments which are easy to score and which may be placed in a child's portfolio. These are invaluable in discussing his or her progress with parents or in deciding exactly what must be retaught. The written assessment takes the same form as regular lessons.

A record sheet has been provided for each assessment. This record sheet can be duplicated (one per child) and as the teacher evaluates the child's work, notations can be made on this sheet. The assessment paper can then be stapled to the record sheet and inserted into the child's portfolio or it can be sent home to parents. Note: The assessment words may not always be the words most frequently used in our language. They have, however, been very carefully chosen to include spelling patterns and alphabet use. Assessment 5 includes such words as sax, vex, yen, quill, and puck. This was necessary in order to be able to include all of the alphabet in the context of regular short vowel spellings and to give some balance to vowel usage. Instead of using pseudo-words such as quib or vax to assess a child's phonemic awareness and ability to reconstruct sounds in written form, we have chosen less frequently used real words so that the hope that the child's vocabulary may be expanded through their use. See SAMPLE ASSESSMENTS.

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