Roots Assessment 9
(To follow Lesson 40)


Separate children so that each works independently. Give each a sheet of ruled paper, folded in four vertical sections. Dictate the following words, making sure that each child places words in the proper grids (working across the page):

scalp Your scalp is the part of your head that is covered with hair.
skiff A skiff is a kind of sailboat.
smelt A smelt is a kind of fish.
snitch To snitch means to tattle.
speck Not a speck of dust was left after we cleaned.
stall The horse slept in his stall.

If the light is too bright, you may have to squint.

thrust Thr propeller provides thrust for an airplane; it moves the airplane forward.
dwell I dwell in America, the land of the free.
shrunk My sweatshirt has shrunk.
stretch When we are finished you may stand up and stretch.
splotch Sometimes a dirty spot is called a splotch.

We stayed in a swank hotel. That means it was very nice.

scrod Scrod is a kind of fish.
sprint To sprint is to run very fast for a short distance.
smog Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog.
struck The house was struck by lightning.
thrush A thrush is a kind of bird.
squid A squid is a relative of an octopus but it has ten arms instead of eight.
scab When you hurt yourself, a scab may form.
skimp To skimp is to use very little of something.
spud A spud is another name for a potato.
twitch A twitch is a sudden movement. I had a twitch in my eye.
scratch If you try to pick the roses, you may scratch yourself on the thorns.


Make a copy of the Portfolio Record Sheet for each child. Collect children's papers and assess according to portfolio record. Staple assessment record to child's paper and insert into portfolio.


Portfolio Record Sheet
Assessment 9

Name ____________________________Date _______


Word List: scalp skiff smelt snitch
  speck stall squint thrust
  dwell shrunk stretch splotch
  swank scrod sprint smog
  struck thrush squid scab
  skimp spud twitch scratch


Number of words spelled correctly (24) _______


Used appropriate vowel:

a (4) _____ e (4) _____ i (7) _____ o (3) _____

u (5) _____ all (1) _____


Created correct beginnings: sc (2) _____ sk (2) _____ sm (2) _____

sn (1) _____ sp (2) _____ st (1) _____ sw (1) _____ tw (1) _____

scr (2) _____ shr (1) _____ spl (1) _____ spr (1) _____ squ (2) _____

str (2) _____ thr (2) _____ dw (1) _____


Created correct word endings: ck (2) _____ ff (1) _____ ll (2) _____

lp (1) _____ lt (1) _____ mp (1) _____ nk (2) _____ nt (2) _____

sh (1) _____ st (1) _____ tch (5) _____

Printed correct letter forms for (Circle letters where problems occurred):


Guideline use: Excellent Good Fair Poor

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