Roots Assessment 8
(To follow Lesson 36)


Separate children so that each works independently. Give each a sheet of ruled paper, folded in four vertical sections. Dictate the following words, making sure that each child places words in the proper grids (working across the page):

plump It is not mannerly to plump down in a chair.
Mitch Mitch is a nickname for Mitchell.
glitch A glitch is trouble. I hope you can spell this word without a glitch.
vetch Vetch is a kind of plant used to feed animals.
blotch A blotch is a large irregular spot, usually made by ink or paint.
blush When you blush, your face turns red.
clasp You can clasp your pencil with your fingers.
cleft A cleft is a V shaped space, as a cleft in a rock.
flesh The meat of an animal is called flesh.
clutch Do not clutch your pencil too tightly.
slept I slept very well last night.
brag It is not polite to brag about everything you have.
brink Brink is another word for edge. We hiked near the brink of the cliff.
crutch If you hurt your leg, you may have to walk with a crutch.
draft An author first makes a draft of a story; then he changes it to make it better.
Frank Frank is a man's name.
grand We had a grand time at Sue's birthday party.
prank A prank is an unkind joke.
frond The leaf of a palm tree is called a frond.
trump In a card game, a trump card will win over all the other cards.
frizz Tightly curled hair can be called frizz.
flock A group of animals herded together is called a flock.
crotch A crotch is the place where one object parts into two branches, as the crotch of a tree.
grill We cooked hamburgers on the grill.


Make a copy of the Portfolio Record Sheet for each child. Collect children's papers and assess according to portfolio record. Staple assessment record to child's paper and insert into portfolio.


Portfolio Record Sheet
Assessment 8


Name ____________________________Date _______


Word List: plump Mitch glitch vetch
  blotch blush clamp cleft
  flesh clutch slept brag
  brink crutch draft Frank
  grand prank frond trump
  frizz flock crotch grill


Number of words spelled correctly (24) _______


Used appropriate vowel:

a (6) _____ e (4) _____ i (5) _____ o (4) _____ u (5) _____


Created correct beginnings: bl (2) _____ cl (3) _____ fl (4) _____

gl (1) ______ pl (1) _____ sl (1) _____ br (2) _____ cr (2) _____

dr (1) _____ fr (3) _____ gr (3) _____ pr (1) _____ tr (1) _____


Created correct word endings: ft (2) _____ mp (2) _____

nd (2) _____ nk (3) _____ pt (1) _____ sp (1) _____ ck (1) ______

ll (1) _____ zz (1) _____ sh (2) _____ tch (7) _____

Printed correct letter forms for (Circle letters where problems occurred):


Guideline use: Excellent Good Fair Poor

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