Roots Assessment 10
(To follow Lesson 44)


Separate children so that each works independently. Give each a sheet of ruled paper, folded in four vertical sections. Dictate the following words, making sure that each child places words in the proper grids (working across the page):

zilch Zilch is a rather new word in our language. It means zero.
judge To judge is to make a decision about which thing or action is best.
clang I heard the dinner bell clang.
spring A spring is a place where water comes out of the ground. (Note other meanings.)
long This has been a long day.
swung The door swung open and in walked Dad.
squelch To squelch is to turn down the sound. You can squelch your TV.
trench The workmen dug a trench to bury cable.
munch To munch is to chew.
mulch To cover the roots of plants with grass or leaves is to mulch them.
branch We hung a swing on the branch of a tree.
drench A heavy rain will drench the ground.
winch A winch is a set of ropes and pullleys used to pull heavy objects.
fledge To fledge means to get ready to fly. A little bird is often called a fledgling.
dodge We can play a game of dodge ball.
bridge We had to cross the bridge to get to the other side of the river.
Madge I have a friend named Madge.
fling To fling is to throw.
throng A large crowd of people is a throng.
badge A policeman wears a badge on his sleeve
lodge A lodge is a kind of house. Sometimes a motel is called a motor lodge.
trudge To trudge is to walk slowly with great effort. I saw a man trudge up a hill.
strong When you are strong we say you have great strength.
ranch A ranch is a large farm where animals are raised.


Make a copy of the Portfolio Record Sheet for each child. Collect children's papers and assess according to portfolio record. Staple assessment record to child's paper and insert into portfolio.


Portfolio Record Sheet
Assessment 9

Name ____________________________Date _______


Word List: zilch judge clang spring
  long swung squelch trench
  munch mulch branch drench
  winch fledge dodge bridge
  Madge fling throng badge
  lodge trudge strong ranch


Number of words spelled correctly (24) _______


Used appropriate vowel:

a (5) _____ e (4) _____ i (5) _____ o (5) _____ u (5) _____


Created correct beginnings: br (2) _____ cl (1) _____ dr (1) _____ fl (2) _____

spr (1) _____ squ (1) _____ str (1) _____ thr (1) _____ tr (2) _____


Created correct word endings: ang (1) _____ ing (2) _____ ong (3) _____

ung (1) _____ elch (1) _____ ilch (1) _____ ulch (1) _____ anch (2) _____

ench (1) _____ inch (1) _____ unch (1) _____ adge (2) _____ edge (1) _____

idge (1) _____ odge (2) _____ udge (2) _____


Printed correct letter forms for (Circle letters where problems occurred):


Guideline use: Excellent Good Fair Poor

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