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Grace Vyduna-Haskins, the author of The Spel-Lang Tree, is a veteran of over 30 years in the classroom. While she has taught at all elementary levels, most of her teaching career was spent at the first grade level. She earned her Ed.D. and M.Ed. from National-Louis University, Evanston, Illinois and her B.A. from Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois. In addition, she has had extensive training in Orton-Gillingham methods of reading instruction which advocate the use of multi-sensory techniques. Her Master's thesis was entitled The Effects of Using a Multi-Sensory Approach to Teach First Grade Reading. In 1993 she was recognized for outstanding scholarship as a Distinguished Finalist for the Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award given by The International Reading Association for her dissertation, An Historical Investigation of American Reading-Spelling Relationships: 1607-1930.

In addition to having done numerous presentations on the topic of spelling/reading relationships, Vyduna-Haskins has also published several articles relating to her work. These include:

Vyduna-Haskins, G. (2001). Rebecca Pollard: "An American Lady." History of Reading News 24(1), 6-7.

Vyduna-Haskins, G. & J. Lane. (1998). Expanding Vocabulary through Spelling Exploration, Illinois Reading Council Journal 26(3), 92-95.

Vyduna-Haskins, G. (1997). The Spelling/Reading Connection: How Do We Achieve It? The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 63(4), 15-20.

Vyduna, G. S. (1988). The Role of Teacher Dictated Writing in Reading Instruction in a Multi-lingual Nation. Illinois Reading Council Journal 16(1), 19-22.

Vyduna, G. S. (1986). The Language Experience Approach: An Historical View. Journal of Language Experience, 7(2), 2-11.

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